American Dream

Yesterday was my mom’s 16 year anniversary of moving to the United State. She is getting closer to her American dream.

I happened to see a Chinese comedian joking online that “There are two people in the United States, immigrants and anti-immigrants”. I found it so funny and yet ironic.

I can somehow understand why some Americans do not welcome immigrants. I used to live in Shanghai, the economic capital of China, where millions of people from other cities and town would love to work and stay. As a local resident there, I appreciated their works and efforts to develop the city. However, when out-comers get more and more, we start to worry about local residents’ benefits. We welcome out-comers for their hard works and diverse cultures, but not on the cause of sacrifice of local residents’ education and career opportunities. So we cannot simply see those who doesn’t support immigration as anti-immigrants, they just want to protect their own rights and benefits.


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